Icon Detail Engineering, designing and drafting

Icon Isometrics Preparation

Icon Extraction and annotation of GA drawings

Icon Structure Steel designing & detailing


Icon MTO preparation for all disciplines

Icon Pipe Support designing & detailing

Icon Isometric Spooling using Spoolgen

Icon Cutting & Bending Plans preparation

Icon Tie-in Dossier preparation & management

Icon Electrical & Instrumentation detail engineering

Icon Test Pack preparation and control

Icon As Built preparation

Icon All Engineering coordination/interface among disciplines and TQ management


Revision & Change Management

Icon Site & Home Office Coordination

Icon Revision issuance Control & Tracking

Icon Change Authorization Management

Icon Modification & Substitution Material Control

Icon Field Revision Management

Icon Modification Resource Control

Icon Management of Claim & Counter Claim due to Revision

Group Competitive edge in Spool Drawing Preparation

The Service does not end with preparation of Piping Fabrication & Erection Drawing. The data generated during Piping Spooling Process serves as the input to the in-house Construction Management System, AMOGH which manages the Engineering Revison, Shop Change Request, Field Change Request etc. AMOGH system in this way acts as AS-Built Manager and incorporates within itself the aspects of Material Management, Quality Management and Construction Management etc through the turnover Documentation.