Testing & Commissioning

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Assistance

Icon We provide specialty services – Hydro & Pneumatic testing, Oil Flushing, PSV Testing, Flange serration, Flange torquing Perform mechanical completion checks and loop checks.

Icon Installation and commissioning of new topsides process modules.

Icon Perform checks on Fire and Gas System, ESD System and Topside Process System.

Icon Perform alignment check on rotating / static equipment such as Power turbine, Gas compressor, Pumps, Valves, Fans, Blower etc


Icon Perform checks and cargo pumps, Ballast Pumps and Alarm & Monitoring System.

Icon Upgrading, troubleshooting and commissioning of power technicians control system.

Icon Calibration, loop checking and function testing of topside modules electrical

Icon Assisting in troubleshooting and startup of Process Equipment, Turbo Generators and Cargo Pumps, Metering Systems.

Icon Plant start-up & Commissioning Assistance including Pre-commissioning.

Icon Preparation of Pre-Commissioning documents.

Icon Preparation of operating manuals incorporating Normal Start-Up & Shut Down, Emergency Shutdown, Troubleshooting, Catalyst, loading and activation procedure.

Icon Operator Training.

Icon Deputizing Supervisory and Operating Staff for Start-ups, Safety, Environmental, Energy and Technical Audits for the facility.

Icon Planning, scheduling and coordination of Maintenance Turnaround.